202206 - The articles I read #1

Jul 06, 2022

This will be a long list. I will separate them into two categories, the first one is the articles that I found to be very interesting and insightful, the second part will be that the articles are generally interesting but I have arguments with them.


These are all great essays, talking about porn, the internet, software, art, and business.


Short note

This month I mainly focus on technical articles or essays. It gives me a strange feeling that I spent about 5 hours per day reading novels back in junior and senior high school, but I seldom read novels right now. The reason is ambigus, but one of them is anxiety. It’s hard to follow up the world, to correctly understand it or even have insight on it. This make me read more online essay but novels.

But would read lots of online essays help? I am not sure.