202207 - The articles I read #2

Aug 09, 2022

This month I still read a lot of essays, and the anxiety of missing something important was haunting me too.

I read the article that talked about Wikipedia’s social influence and the article that shared the night he met Einstein. Thankfully, this month I shifted my interest from mainly programming and software to other fields such as economics (One of my biggest interests right now) and history.


  • How Wikipedia influences judicial behavior
    • The research grouped a bunch of law students to write 150 articles about the decision of the Irish court. Half of them has been posted on the Wiki. It turns out the posted ones are 20% more likely to be cited in court.
  • The Night I Met Einstein
    • Although this is an anecdote, it is indeed well-written and beautiful. Especially the end quote when Einstein is talking about this adventure. “Opening up yet another fragment of the frontier of beauty.”
  • Working in the software industry, circa 1989
    • This article shared a lot about the working condition of the software industry back in 1989. What shocked me the most is the salary.
  • Problems at Roblox (RBLX)
    • I feel urgent that we should find a way to stop this kind of operation. It all comes down to what is the bottom line to censor this kind of behavior. But awareness comes first.
  • Uber broke laws, duped police and secretly lobbied governments, leak reveals.
    • Big reveal and story about how a tech giant deliberately lobbied and manipulated the direction of a nation’s policy making.


Short note

What I learn the most during this month is getting rid of “Opinion” articles and lean toward story, idea, and solution-based articles. In this way, not only I can reduce the chance of stepping into a bad article but also learn more.

Opinions are seldom making a dent in the universe, but solutions are.