Connecting Dots thread #1.2 - My time will come

Jul 10, 2024

Gregor Mendel discovered one of the most important mechanisms in genetics. We all know his work was rediscovered around the start of the 20th century, but there is a surprising beauty in this rediscovery. Three independently working scientists all published findings about genetics, rediscovering Gregor Mendel’s work. They are Carl Correns, Erich von Tschermak and Hugo de Vries.

Carl Correns began his experiments with plants around 1892 and published a paper about it on 1900/01/25, citing both Charles Darwin and Mendel. Erich von Tschermak was a professor at the University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna and published his work in 1900/06. Hugo de Vries, known as the father of mutation theory, started from Charles Darwin’s work, expanded a concept called pangenes (similar to genes), and also published his work in 1900 without mentioning Mendel (Later criticized by Carl Correns for this omission).

These three independent scientists naturally converged on one theory without being aware of each other’s work. To me, this demonstrates the beauty of how true and valuable ideas will eventually emerge and be recognized by the world.

On the other hand,

It took 113 years for the world to appreciate the great work of Gregor Mendel, and it’s at that moment we finally understand the weight of his words when he told his friend Gustav von Niessl, “My time will come”.